Monday, February 06, 2006

Friends And Religion: Part Two

I finally got a response. Mailed Feb. 4th, 2006 @ 3:54PM

"Blake, drop it already. There is a reason I haven't brought it up all
these years. You won't change how I see Catholicism or other
religions. I try not to press it on you, so don't force my hand.
The reason i didn't post this to your blog was because I couldn't get
to it - the server isn't responding."

I think your missing the point. You forced our hand. Do you think we like having you come up here as our guest to tell Panda and I that we are going to hell. That we're catholic because our parents are? That the Bible we read is wrong?

Do you think I enjoy the fact that you went through Panda's room searching for a Bible, and when you came up empty you told her that we she is loosing her faith because doesn't go to church as much as you do? Who are you to question our faith in God? Who gave you that right?

You know where to send the key, C.O.D. it for all we care.

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