Thursday, March 23, 2006

There's Something About Tim: A Quick Post

I know that I still have to post about our week in Hawai'i, but first I must tell the story of Tim. It was a warm Tuesday afternoon. An afternoon Panda would never forget; the day Panda fell in love with a local.

We drove to the Costco in Kahului to get some film developed, pick up some cheap hamburger meat, and to buy a snorkel set (the one I bought at Sharper Image finally broke after 4 years). It was around the meat department, no, the produce section where Panda noticed him.

She knew that he was the one for her. Here, right in front of her was the one hookup she wanted during spring break.

Shyly, looking right at him she asked "What is your name?"

He simply replied "My name is Tim."

I will have to admit that at first Tim was like all the others I have seen. You know, very generic and stereotypical for a native. But once we all got to know him we knew what Panda saw in him. He was special.

Tim grew up on Maui, born and raised at the base of the West Maui Mountains. He came from a big family (who, after seeing pictures, all look the same), enjoyed the weather that only Maui had to offer, and loved playing in the rain.

We all couldn't resist, so we asked him over for dinner. . .

Well I must be of to campus, I'm meeting Panda for lunch. I'll finish the post after school.

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