Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Getting Back To A Normal Routine

These past two week have been hell, and right when things are starting to turn around, I get kicked back down to the ground.

So here is what happened this weekend.

Monica (my sister) and I were suppose to go camping this weekend. We talked about it about a month ago and we were dead set on going. Yet, with the death of my uncle Bill, and her fear of having to drive to Chico by her self, she bailed on me. I know I did not want to see if I could work (never turn away from a work free weekend), so I decided to still go camping. Now this is where Jenn enters the story.

I met Jenn this summer. It was the night the Lizzy came over because she had been on vacation for a week. And there was Jenn, lying on Chris's bed, watching Brokeback Mountain (on a date with Topher if you will). The next day I ask Toph if we are ever going to see her again, to which he replied no (choice words omitted). A couple days later she texted messages me and we start to hang out. I never thought about a relationship with her because after being with Steph for two years, I wanted to be single for a change (that was nine months ago). And then my uncle Bill died.

Something changed inside me last week. I met with Steph before I headed down to my family. And after listening to her talk about this guy she is with and how we would never be together again, I knew I had to move on.

I arrived at my parents’ house late Thursday afternoon. This is the third funeral in under a year for my family: Great Uncle Frank, Grandpa Rogelio, and now Uncle Bill. The funny thing about all this is this is the only time we get to see the extended family, even though we all live in the Loomis-Roseville area.

But thought out the whole ordeal there was one person on my mind and in my thoughts; that was Jenn. She called me as the weekend progressed to see how I was doing, letting me know that she was there any time, with a shoulder to cry on. She kept me strong and she was by my side (in sprit) when we laid him to rest right next to my Grandma Hazel and his cousin Danny. She was there when I needed her the most.

Coming back to Chico I knew I had to ask her to be mine. I brought her flowers to work, called her when I thought about her (which was often), and called her best friend to let her know what my intentions were. The best part of all what Jenn was starting to fall for me all over again. The conclusion of all this was the camping trip. I asked her to come with me, I asked her to be my girlfriend.

I was happy; I did not feel alone anymore. The air was clean, the lake was pristine, and Toph's presence made us smile. Nothing could go wrong. I had my best friend, I had the girl of my dreams, and I met a beer distributor named Chris who told us to drink up because he brought three full kegs of beer he was not going to finish (this guy brought a portable tap and everything, he was the best camping neighbor ever!).

Sunday nigh, back in Chico, I call Jenn to tell her good night. She tells me that she is thinking of me and that she cares for me and that she starting to fall in love with me. I tell her how happy she has made me and how great this weekend was. I end the call with "be careful sweetheart" because I know how here friends get when they're drunk.

The phone rings at midnight thirty, its been 20 minutes since I told her goodnight.

"Blake, I don't deserve you."

"What do you mean sweetheart?"

"I just slept with Andrew"

"Just now?"

"Yea. . ."

God this hurts, I need a moment . . . .


Toph said...

A good name calling would be in order to Jenn, but since I'm not 18 anymore, it really isn't fun. You youngins need to grow the fuck up (Yes, this is directed to Jenn and her "Best Friend")

Anonymous said...

That's funny, because she's been telling me she wants to get back together with me and that the two of you are done.

And who the fuck is Andrew?

Sorry to break it to you, man, but Jenn has been fucking around with you and me at the same time. And I can prove that.


Toph said...

Robert, Blake and I should have coffee with you sometime, I'd be all for that.

Anonymous said...

Wow I should read this more often...

All I can say is, "What the Fuck!?" But you know what Blake? She doesn't deserve you and you deserve a whole of a hell a lot better! I think you know that already.

When you meet the girl that is supposed to become your next relationship, you'll know it. You'll truly know it. I believe its all about timing, "right time, right place" and it was obvious it wasn't exactly "right time", now was it?

I love you very much. Take care. Hurry up and come on down. I can't wait to see you again.


Anonymous said...

I would, as well. There's a lot of things I think we could all talk about.

I'm not just bitter. I'm worried.

Hannah said...

Totally hilarious how someone can say one thing, but their actions reflect something totally different. Kinda makes me think I should stop being such a smart ass and more of a blunt bitch. Hmmm... Now just what could I say now?