Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Once Again, Starbucks Has All The Answers

It is amazing how one cup of coffee not only revitalizes your body, but also your soul.

As a continuation to an early post from February 2006 (see Starbucks Has All The Answers), "The Way I See It #270" not only gave me hope at the conclusion of one of the worst months of my life, but made think of the good people I had the pleasure to meet along the way.

So here it is in its entirety, I hope you find it as uplifting as I did.

The Way I See It #270
Taste is subjective. Taste is democratic. Taste is powerful. Taste – the combination of texture, aroma, temperature, aesthetic and environment – is also a window into someone else’s life or culture. Be confident in your taste, but remain curious and expose yourself to new tastes. Allow your taste to constantly evolve and grow – while keeping and cherishing the memories that taste creates.

~Marcus Samuelsson
Chef, co-owner of Restaurant Aquavit and author of The Soul of a New Cuisine

As Betty Williams, one of the greatest bosses I ever had the pleasure to work with, once said "variety is the spice of life."

So taste it all, and never hold back from your next great adventure.

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