Sunday, July 24, 2005

Last Weekend In The Sound Of Music

Well lets see, last weekend was the 15 through the 17. To make a long story short it was a blast!

Now for the long story. . .

After finishing training at Target for receiving I hoped in my car and was off to Grass Valley. My destination: California WorldFest. Stephanie was the manager of the Ice and Drink Booths this year, and offered me a chance to work. The nice thing about volunteering is if you work three shifts (4 hours each) you get free admission to the festival and a free T-shirt, a savings of over $120. Now I know what everyone is thinking, the festival is filled with a bunch of pot smoking hippies listing to the beat of a steal drum. To be honest that is what I also thought, boy was I wrong. The festival catered towards everyone, not just hippies.

The music was simply amazing. There where so many artists of many different styles. Stages were set up all around the fairgrounds with a huge one right in the middle. That stage was for the main performance which happened at night. Just look at the website for more info on who was there.

So there was music, and then there was camping. Nothing like camping at a fairgrounds. Since I was working on Friday Stephanie set up camp (since she got there Thursday). The site she picked I believe was the best one on the whole grounds. It was in corner of the "quite zone", near the pond. Nothing like living out of a tent for several days. Being hot and dusty all day you learned to love the showers.

The best part of the festival was the crowed. I saw a lot of faces I see in Chico, along with a couple of professors. While mentioning this the Steph she said "It like Chico comes down to Grass Valley every year and throws a party."

Next post will be from Hawaii.

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