Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Week Recap, A Week And A 1/2 In The Making

So here I am, writing about last week. But first lets recap this week. For the past 3 days I have been in receiving at Target. I am covering for my coworker who has been in that position for the past 6 years; she is finally getting married to the guy she has been with for the past 14 years. I will admit time flies by when you are back there. You are always doing something, and with no guest around you can actually complete your projects.

But now for last week. First, as you all have heard by now Topher turned 21. . . and that is all I'm going to say about that (lets just say that Toph was not the only one seeking a refund).

The next day Stephanie woke me up at 7AM, we were headed to Feather Falls for a 4th of July weekend party. The history of this "get-together" is amazing. This family in Feather Falls has been inviting people to their property for the weekend since the late 70's (I think). Their property is a slice of heaven, they are placed in a little valley with a stream running right through it. There is a large clearing where they made a makeshift baseball diamond (because like any other red-blooded American they decided to play baseball on the 4th of July weekend). There is a pond towards the back of the property, this is where all the fireworks take place. What they do is nail a bunch of them to boards, connect all the fireworks together with blasting fuses, set the boards on at the end of the dock, light the end of the fuse, and presto! your own privet show. This was definitely an experience that I will never forget, tons of food, great people, and an even better night life (they set up a stage at the end of the porch jam every night).

Sunday was a day of rest. You know just sleeping. . . eating. . . watching TiVo. . . and so on. . . OH! I almost forgot, Stephanie and I went up to Redding to see the Sundial Bridge. Don't waste your time, its just a bridge

Monday was the fourth, woke up late and went to work at 2:15PM. Noting like holiday pay ($8.15 x 1.5 = $12.23 before taxes) to make you WANT an eight hour shift. Thank you Topher.

Tuesday, the last day of importance. The day started early: 6:00AM. We (once again Stephanie and myself) had to leave Chico by 7 because I have a dentist appointment at 9 in Roseville. To make a long story short, we made it in time. I love cleanings, there is nothing like that deep clean feeling when you leave. It makes you feel, well, clean. Then we were off to San Francisco. Why you ask, because Steph informed me that she has never been to Alcatraz. Plus I love the bay. The weather, the sights, the liberalism, it all rocks. We arrived around 1 and parked at the pier 39 parking garage (the rate was $6 an hour with a max at $30). At the end of our 8 hour day cost was only $18, because we ate at Bubba Gumps (I love that place) and they compted us 2 hours ($12). But back to the island. It was the second time I've been there. The tickets were cheap ($16) and the audio tour is amazing. I like how you are allowed to roam the island for as long as you want, as long as you get on the last ferry @ 6:30PM. There is so much history on that island, did you know that one of the major reasons they shut down the prison was because after 20 something years the figured that its not the best idea to have ALL of the major and violent criminals in one place?

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