Friday, August 26, 2005

A Look Back On August: Hawai'i, 22, Chico

So here I am, Cafe Nile. Laptop in front of me, vanilla mint hookah on my right, a pack of American Spirit on my left. What a week. . . what a week. A week filled of stress, fucking freshman, and more stress. I know its been a while, so here my thoughts on the month of August.

Where to start, Oh I know. . . turning 22.

My birthday was low key, just my family, and on my favorite island of Hawai'i, Lana'i. Looking back the best part was the getting all the calls from Stephanie, and the night I had. My mom and Monica left early that morning in order to catch the early ferry while the waters were calm (my mom gets very sea-sick). After wishing them a safe voyage my dad, Robert, and I decided to walk around. What prompted the exploration was the fact that for the past three years every time we go to lana'i we stay in upcountry, this was the first time we strolled around on the beach. What an amazing hike, there were view that words can not describe. I will post photos when I get the chance.

But back to that night. We ate at the Blue Ginger Cafe we headed to the Lodge at Koele, it was time to relax. All I wanted was an amaretto on the rocks and a cigar. My dad got me the drink and Robert bought me the cigar (which shocked me because my brother is very anti smoking). That night was a night I will never forget, the three of us sitting on the porch at a $500 a night hotel, talking about life and bonding like never before. That was the best part, that moment time stood still, and I truly realized how wonderful life really is.

Hawai'i was great, the greats time I've ever had with my family, but coming home to my other family (Panda, Topher, Stephanie) was the greatest feeling of all. I don't think they truly know how much I love them, and how much they mean to me. With out them, especially Stephanie, I don't think I could be who I am today. Panda is my sister, who I could always count on to be there for me. Topher is the brother who is always willing to offer help and will follow you to the ends of the world. And Stephanie, my love, my life, my other half. She is the one I want to travel the world with, the one who I hope I can grow old with. I love her so much. There are so many feeling that I have inside for her, I love her and care for her more than she will ever know.

It's great that school started. There is nothing like seeing life return to Chico. The think I love the most is seeing the ignorance of freshman. Young, first time on there own, all with momy and daddys money. Buying things that will break within a week, stuff that they will never use. They are all the same, they all don't have a clue how thing work. Walking around campus with their lanyerd around there neck, proudly displaying their ID card and dorm key as if it was a sign that they are adults. Walking around in their pj's as if they were pressed for time because they live 100 feet away from class. Walking around town looking for that party, once again with lanyerd in hand. Ignorance, its amazing.

Yet with all the fun that going on all around us, stress is at my doorstep. You open that door and there is everything. 18 units, 30 hour work weeks, finding time for the ones you love, all right there. Right now I need to find my stride, and I hope I find it soon.


Anonymous said...

Now you know how we all felt when you wore that shit around the last month and a half of high school.

Mr President said...

But you know what's funny Chris, I was a freshman once.

Anonymous said...

I don't deny that. I thought it was gay back then, you didn't. Now that you look at people who think the same thing you did you think it's gay. Just shows yah that I was right ^_^