Monday, September 19, 2005

Hawai'i Is Closer Than We All Thought.

Wow, what a weekend. First I went to my first concert (Santana was amazing!), and then I got great news from my parents. First to fill everyone in we (Panda, Jason, Stephanie, and myself) are planning to go to Maui for Spring Break 2006. Being that Chico State has there break From March 11-19 its tough to find other people to go, which would lower the price considerably. We've tried Matt, my sister, Topher, David, and Stephanie's brother. They can't go because of time or price.

Well back to the good news. My dad was able to secure a week at the condo where we always stay for $600 flat! Its a 2br, 2full bath where 6 can stay convertibility. With 4 of us going no matter what that's only $150 for the condo each. With airfare (through Suntrips) at $430, which is incredibly cheap to get to Maui, and a rental car at $100 (I'm guessing high) the total cost is a rough $600 each, which is a $200 savings for each of us over the cheapest package. Hawai'i here we come!


cyberop5 said...

I'd expect your rental car to be three times that if you get insurance and allow everyone to drive.

Mr President said...

no insurance because my credit card and car insurance covers it (I checked). Plus since we're all under 25 there can only be one driver.

cyberop5 said...

No insurance is nice. Enterprise was going to let me add multiple drivers when I was in WI. Interesting