Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Truth Behind The Blacklist: The Untold Story

***Update: As a show of friendship I have removed the picture (2:04PM)***
As a side note the picture was up for 4 hours

I know what your all thinking, "What is this man hiding from the world?" It was not an accident, it was not some sort of a misconfiguration, it was on purpose that I was blacklisted. There is a story that Toph is not telling the world. And all I want to know is what that is. Was I blacklisted because I was getting to close to the truth? Did I scratch to deep?

Last week there was a post on Mighty Whitey Adventures that told the world what he was doing this week. Among the many topics was one that caught my eye: ". . . Heather is taking me to an Alpha Chi social. . ." Then, "poof," it was gone. After noticing the disappearance, I posted a comment, and then that was gone. I posted one more time, and still no answer.

I have been blocked from seeking the truth, but I ask you world to pick up where I left off. So I ask once again, what is this man hiding?


Anonymous said...

Come on Toph, the truth will set you free!

cyberop5 said...

nice shorts. no really, what's the word on lindsey?