Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Day of Reflection

So here I am. . .sitting in the BMU Basement. . .waiting for Stephanie to get off of work. . .staring at a crappy flat panel monitor. . .board.

Well, to be honest its not all bad. With the free time that I've had today (namely right now) I am able to think about this past weekend and the next couple of weeks to come. So here I go on the attempt to express my mind in an organized manner.

After two weeks of midterms and group projects (excluding Matt, Sac State is on a different schedule) we all ran down to the Bay Area for some relaxation. After Jason and Toph got off of class, we loaded the cars and we were off. Our desired destination: the Kolsky House.

I can't believe it has been LONGER THAN TWO YEARS since I've been to the Kolsky's. The last time we all went as a group I was still with Tracy. . . man that was a long time ago. Yet all the changes that 2 years hold, once you walk into that house you are welcome. It was as if time somehow held still and started up again once the front door opened up to welcome us in. There are little words to describe that weekend, only emotions. Feelings of joy, feelings of warmth, and feelings of love is was radiates from that household, and I am grateful for every moment I was able to spend there.

I was able to really relax. I spent most of my time in the kitchen because to me cooking for a group is a way to show love and compassion. You put your soul into what you cook, and when your creations take shape you are overcome with a sense of pride. By cooking for everyone I was able to tell them and show them how much I truly love them. I love all you guys: Linda, Alan, Loren, Steph, Panda, Toph, Matt, Jason, and Bailey. I love you guys more than you will ever know.

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