Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween is Dead. No Pun Intended

I would have to say that Halloween is officially dead in Chico. It was amazing being out on Halloween 2002. Downtown Chico packed with over 20,000 people all dressed in costume, all having a good time. Now compare that to yesterday, there were more cops out on the streets than people. Forget about driving through the city, with DUI checkpoints and closed roads placed in key areas made a five minute drive into fifteen.

Yet with everyone at the bars or house parties Cafe Nile was quiet and charming as always. I love how you can kick back, relax, smoke a cigar, smoke some hookah with panda, and shoot-the-shit with the owners. A relaxing ending to a very hectic day.


Anonymous said...

I think you ment "quiet" instead of "quite"

Mr President said...

Thank you. I just corrected that error.

Anonymous said...

Shit was poppin in Sac. Y'all should have come down here.