Wednesday, November 09, 2005

California Spoke Yesterday

Well Arnold Schwarzenegger did not get his way yesterday. Everything failed, everything, not one proposition passed.

California spoke out last night, and they said there done, done with Arnold.


Topher said...

All I have to say to you republicans is, "Hasta la vista BABY!" You're conservative views will never work in California

cyberop5 said...

And your loney liberals in SF passed local measures to ban gun ownership in the city and to take a policy officially opposing military recruiting in schools.

I'm just glad I have Texas to fall back on - gay marriage was banned by a constitutional ammendment.

Topher said...

Thats right away homophobe...before they get you. Let me know when reality sets in

Mr President said...

I have one question to ask, what is wrong with banning the military from our schools? I think its only fair, you don't see Wal-Mart, Safeway, or McDonald's recruting at schools do you? Do you? You know if we think its a right that the military should recruit in our schools why not make it fair and bring back the draft? That way everyone can get the pleasure to serve our country. I can see the banner up in the halls high schools right now, "Spend Spring Break In Iraq, An All Expenses Paid Vacation!"