Thursday, January 12, 2006

Finals, Holidays, Cigarettes, And A Movie. A Recap On The Past 2 Months

As a sit here, waiting, for Jason to get out of the shower so we can grab lunch on a rare day off from work I try collect my thoughts on the time past.

Do I post about finals, how they were long and stressful for not just me but for everyone I know?

Do I mention how, after a long pre-Christmas day at Target, there is nothing in this world more calming than a beer and a cigarette.

Should I tell everyone how my amazing Chrismas and Thanksgiving was, with family and friends that I only get to see once in a blue moon?

Do I write a review about Brokeback Mountain, and the tragic love story that touched me and everyone else?

Do I write about how Panda, Jason, Stephanie, Katrina, and myself drove down from Chico just to see the movie?

I don't know what I will write about, but I fell this small post has filled the gap between entries.

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