Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Spring Break Is Only 6 Weeks Away

I know that school has only been in session for 2 days now, but I'm ready for a break. Right when work was starting to slow down and break became a little more enjoyable, BAM!, vacation over.

However, there is something to look forward to: Spring Break.
And not just any spring break, spring break Maui.

Finally, I get the chance to show my friends what Hawai'i is really like. As most of you know last year we (Steph, Panda, Kevin, Myself) spent spring break on Oahu, in particular Waikiki. Now don't get me wrong, Waikiki was great, the bus system is awesome and you don't need a car, but the true Hawaii is not filled with high rise apartment buildings on an island with 75% of the total population of the state. Hawai'i is rural, quite, and slow moving. And with the rental car companies lowering the driving age to 21, going to Maui for 2006 became a possibility.

So, after convincing Stephanie, Panda, and Jason who has never been outside of California to go, the trip was born. And by adding Robert (not my brother, Panda's friend since sophomore year) to the list of travelers and finally booking a car, which was harder than I thought, we're ready to go.

March 11th is only 6 weeks away!

The Final Cost of the Trip Per Person
  • Condo: $120 (Kamaole Beach Club)
  • Airfare: $433 (Suntrips.com)
  • Rental Car: $77 (Priceline.com, Avis took the bid of $45 a day)
    Total: $630

    cyberop5 said...

    stupid chico and their wacked vacation schedules. I wish i could go.

    Topher said...

    Holy shit I wish I made that kind of money

    Mr President said...

    I still can't believe that airfare was only $430, everybody else for the week of March 11-18 was in the low $800. That's more that what Steph and I paid each for spring break 2005.

    The best deal what how much Kevin and Panda paid, $450 per person for spring break 2005.

    This is going to be one kick ass trip. I think your missing out on one hell of a deal for our last big spring break.