Monday, April 17, 2006

Reflecting @ Upper Bidwell

By spending most of my day at work and school, I knew I needed to get out and enjoy the wonderful break in the weather. So I headed to Upper Bidwell Park to be out in the sun, away from all the traffic and the sounds of the freeway.

You know the should invent a tripod for cell phones. I'm all the way at the end of this concrete wall. I love listening to the wind blow across the tall grass.

...What can I say, there ducks...Chico ducks...swimming in Horseshoe Lake.

Nothing special. It's a lone white oak in a sea of green.

The nice thing about Bidwell Park is it's huge. As a matter of fact it is the third largest municipal park in the US. Here is the lone Middle Trail.

I love this area and Loomis after the long rains, everything is so green and the land is full of life.

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