Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Happy Night

Right as I walked in the door Panda gives me a call.

"Blake, Toph wants to go out with Erick and I. Can you come?"

Here are the pictures to describe the time I had. Oh the fun. . .

Believe it or not this is Toph, dancing. Yes, dancing at the Bear.

I love it when you bump into people on the dance floor.
From left to right: Topher, Lindsey, Jada, and my self.

After leaving the Bear, we all headed down to the U Bar. After getting another round of drinks, and really starting to feel the effects of the Stop Light that Panda got me, I knew I needed to get a picture. So here I am with my Panda. All liquored up.

And now for everyone's favorite, the aftermath. Well we all puked, everyone did. I even managed to get a little of it on Erick! God bless him for taking care of us. It's 11:20AM and Panda and I are about to get some food. We're fine, right as rain.

Toph on the other hand is hurting. Hurting like a dog that just fought a rabid snow lion in the backwoods of Mississippi. My prayers are with him.

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