Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Much Needed Update

A lot has happened since the last time I've posted something serious (which was my recap on the camping trip).

First, I got a quasi promotion at Target. I'm now a Human Resources Team Member, which has the added benefit of teaching me about Human Resources its self. An area I've thought about entering after college. I will admit I'm enjoying the position more than I though I would. I love learning about the rules, regulations, and bullshit that go into running a multi-billion dollar company.

Second, Midterms are over! Enough said.

Third, I bumped into an ex-girlfriend of mine. Most of you remember her (it was Tracy), and it was great. We haven't seen or talked to each other in a little over three years. There we were standing by the library, chatting for two hours, catching up.

Fourth and final: the conclusion to the camping trip saga. On that wonderful night I ended the phone call with "If you want me back you have to fight for me," and to make it a little more difficult "you can't talk to me, you can't see me. I want nothing to do with you for the next couple of days." A week must have gone by. I would come home and there would be flowers in my room, pictures of the camping trip on my door, and notes on my car which would greet me when I would get off of work late at night. I racked my brain trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Do I tell her to leave?

Do I take her back?

What do I do?

Finally, I knew what I was going to do. In an extremely rare moment of forgiveness, and against every fiber in my being, I took her back. I will be honest, the death of my uncle Bill and Pat five years ago had a major roll in my decision. If this would have happened two months ago the my reaction would have been very very different. Yet, I forgave her. I don't know why, but I did. I hope I don't regret my actions.

By the way, here are the pictures from the camping trip. There are no captions because they are pretty self explanatory.

If you are wondering, the one of best part of that weekend was meeting a guy named Chris (the guy with the glass of beer). He was an independent beer distributor who happened to bring 2 pony kegs and a portable tap. The beer was ice cold Alaskan Amber (a new favorite of mine) and Bison Creek Ale. Right when he set up camp he introduced himself and told us one thing I will never forget; "Drink as much as you can. I can't finish it all!"

Nothing like camping by a lake in the mountains, with a pack of smokes, unlimited beer, good food, and great friends.


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Because hes aloud to be happy.