Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cigars and Afterthoughts

After a busy day at work, I grabbed a pitcher of ice tea and a cigar out of my humidor and went outside. There is nothing like a cirgar and a drink after work. When you are in a state of relaxation you cant help but think of things. Thoughts run through your head like a swarm of bees looking for a flower. I looked at the cigar, admiring its craftmenship, wondering where in Mexico it was made, who made it, and where the tobacco was grown. Looking into my humidor now, I have 18 left. Of those I count seven host countries: US, Mexico, Cuba (I brought back from Mexico, I'll smoke that one when I graduate), Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil, and El Salvador. What stories could they tell? What was the person thinking when they rolled them? Do they take pride in their product? Do they even know what a cigar is?

Then I start to thing about the future. I have 2 years left in Chico. Time is racing by. In that time I need to find a new roommate (Panda is graduating Spring 2006), boost my GPA, start applying to colleges for my masters, and then find a place on earth to settle down on. It's amazing how time can just pass you by, and when you notice all you have to show for it is emotions and images of the past. For me that past had some tough times, but I would never change a thing. The past was astonishing, but I'm sure the future will be breathtaking.

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