Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Trip to Enloe

What can I say about yesterday, it sucked. The day started out like any other Saturday. I was off to work my eight hour shift like I usual (2:15P to 11:00P). Everything was fine up until one hour into my shift. All of the sudden my stomach started to hurt, nothing major, kind of like the feeling that you get when you have bad gas. But then it got worse, I broke out with really bad cold sweats. The pain became unbearable, like my stomach was going to explode. Heidi (the ETL-HR) took one look at me and told me to go home.

Thank god for health insurance. Straight from work I headed to the Enloe Prompt Care Clinic at California Park. Walked right and asked to see a doctor. They took me to the side and took down all my information: name, age, race, contact information, ext. Now I have Kaiser Insurance, which is no good up here in Chico because the closest Kaiser is in Roseville. The great thing is they have to cover me; they are required to cover me. So there was no out of cost to me, as a matter of fact they will bill Kaiser the total cost, and then Kaiser will bill me later.

After giving them all the information I was off to see the doctor. Here is where the fun began. After taking my blood pressure, pulse, and having me describe how I feel, I puked, all over the place. I puked, a lot, more than normal. So they took me to another room, gave me scrubs to change into, and a shot for the nausea and then they put me on oxygen. 10 minutes past and then they came in with a tool kit. They were putting me on an IV. The one thing a nurse should not say when she sits next to you with a needle, "I'm sloppy when I do IVs, so bare with me."

On oxygen, anti nausea medication, and an IV, I was now starting to feel better. After being on the IV for an hour I was released, they told me they would call me if my blood work came back abnormal. Drove home and passed out. Stephanie came over and took care of me. What a girlfriend, she stayed by my side all night, fixed me breakfast this morning, and is still there for me.

I'm feeling better. Drinking a lot of water and Pedialyte is keeping my hydrated. I'm still not 100%, but we will see how I do tomorrow.

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cyberop5 said...

Topher was telling me about this. No word yet on what caused it? I hope you're feeling better soon.