Thursday, June 23, 2005

It Takes Two to Tahoe Recap

Just over the Horizon, there we were. . .

What a relaxing trip. We left Chico around 10AM for Tahoe on Monday. After getting to I80 we stopped in Truckee for some lunch. Stephanie loves Port of Subs, so she was excited when we found one. My how Truckee has grown. If there is one thing that driving around this summer has shown me is how much Northern California has grown.

After lunch we proceeded down CA89 to South Lake Tahoe, stopping along the was to admire the scenery. The one thing I love about South Lake Tahoe is the border. On the California side you have most of the hotels and all the restaurants. Yet right on the border, and I mean right on the border, you have the big four casinos (Harvey's, Harris, Caesars, and the Horizon). We stayed at the Horizon because after an hour searching the web last week it had the cheapest rate ($65 tax included) for a standard room with two double beds. Once we settled in (@ 4PM) we explored the area, but first I had to gamble.

While walking to the car we passed a roulette table. I looked at Stephanie and said "I feel like I want to put $20 on red and walk away." She shocked me when she said ok. So I went to the table, showed them my ID (since Stephanie is only 20 they made her leave the floor), and around the ball went. After a minute of my heart racing (I hate making big bets, and to me $20 is big) the ball dropped: . . .12. . .RED!

So with an extra $20 in my pocketed we hopped in my car and were off to Safeway to get some gatoraide. The one thing I find neat about Nevada is there is gambling everywhere, EVEN IN SAFEWAY! I could not resist, I mean come on, who could turn down the urge to play slots in safeway. That had to be the best $4 I've ever spent there.

From there we proceeded to the lake shore to watch the sun set over the mountains. There is something about a setting sun that makes you love the one your with even more, there really are no words to describe that moment.

After sunset it was off to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. To be honest the only reason I wanted to go was for a good bear (Hefeweizen) and for their logoed pilsner glasses. After the poor service and crappy food we had at the Honolulu HRC I decided to give them one more shot. I'm glad I did, the service was great and the food was the best we have ever had at an HRC. Another pilsner glass to add to my collection.

We returned to the room and I waited for Stephanie to fall asleep. Once that happened I was going downstairs to gamble. A half an hour later I returned, down $35, yet happy. I like playing the games, they're fun. In 30 minutes I played single deck black jack, roulette, even slots.

The next day was just as fun as the first. Woke up and we were off. Checked out, got in the car, and were off to Emerald Bay. I thought the tour of the Vikingsholm would be fun.

After the tour and the hike back up to the car we stopped at Richardson's Camp for some ice cream. I love it, there "child" size is the equal to the size of a three scoop ice cream at Basken Robbens.

Ah what a trip! I wonder what next week holds instore.


cyberop5 said...

Sunsets are nice, but I prefer sunrises with Stephanie (or whoever) on my chest ;)

Mr President said...

Oh you bastard!

Anonymous said...

Don't get so upset Blake. You and I both know he's just dreaming.

Anonymous said...

hey, if you don't start giving it up cyberop5 just might get stephanie on his chest and more.