Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nothing but a BBQ

Yesterday was a relaxing day. You know there is nothing like sleeping in on a day that you have nothing to do. After waking up at 11, I slowly started my day. I guess you could say my day started around 2, before then all I did was eat leftovers from last night and walked across the street for the paper.

It was a beautiful day, so I brought out my chair, grabbed a cold beer, and settled with the paper. After reading an article on the possibility of the Dam road being reopen during commute hours, Stephanie returned from her orientation. Its been tough on her to find a new job since she quit Target. For those of you that are not familiar with Chico the job market is very tight. Since Chico is out in the middle of nowhere with the nearest cities being an hour in every direction, you can't go outside the city for work. Luckily for her she found a job, as an inventory counter, you know those companies that a store hires once a year to count everything. I guess it is not as bad as we all think, they get paid $1 more than the average for Chico (the average is a monstrous $6.75), and they get to pick when they want to work. How it works is they get there schedule mailed to them with a list of dates/times/locations, after which you call the company and tell them the jobs you want to work. Not bad, it beats fast food.

After gallivanting around Chico we returned back to my house. Dinner time. When I woke up I took two steaks and two chicken breasts out of the freezer. I placed the chicken and steaks in ziplock bags and filled the bags with half spicy pineapple marinade and the rest beer. After sitting in that mixture for a good chunk of the day the meat was just to the point of falling apart, time for the grill. All I could say about dinner: perfect.

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cyberop5 said...

Its surf and turf for dinner tonight.