Tuesday, August 01, 2006

@ The Luau (Big Island: Week One)

Ok, as a side note I sent this photo to my blog via my cellphone on Friday, July 21st 2006, and it just now got posted. Why the long delay? Who knows.

Nevertheless, from left to right: My uncle Saul (pronounces sA-ull), his nephew Steven (in black), my dad (in red), my brother Robert (the head on my shoulder), and me.

I can't believe that was a week and a half ago. . . where does the time go?


Jenny Penny said...

What happened to the facial hair huh? lol

Mr President said...

I have been shaving every day. I learned early on that if I do not, I get a nice tan line on my jaw and cheeks the next time I shave. As sexy as that is, I choose to pass on it this year.

Jenny Penny said...

lol nice. weird tan lines do suck. ive started tanning again : )