Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What A Month!

Wow, what a month August is turning out to be. I came back from Hawai'i, Panda came up to say hi, my dad turned 60, I turned 23, and school started. Funny thing is this is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Where to begin. . .

Well Hawai'i was a blast. As you can tell from past posting I really enjoyed discovering the other islands, most noteability the island of Moloka'i. I spent my birthday on the island of Lana'i with my dad and brother once again. And my brother and I did something that we have never done before willingly; a five mile hike throughout Poli Poli Springs State Recreation Park. Every time we go to Maui we always seem to discover something new, and this was unlike any other. The entire hike was though a pine, cypress, and redwood forest. If you were to pass out and wake up there, you would swear you were in Tahoe.

So that was Hawai'i, now on to something else; Toph, My self, and Lizzy trip to the Mormon Temple in Sacramento. Now Toph and I saw this as a once in a lifetime chance to see the inside of "the holiest spot on earth," which as many of you know is off limits to non LDS members and even some LDS members as well (LDS being "Latter-day Saints" which is short for "The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" which is long for "Mormons"). Now being Catholic I was expecting crosses everywhere, statues of saints in every corner, and Jesus right in the middle of it all. But to my surprise there was nothing of the sort, to be completely honest it didn't feel like a place of worship at all. Now I know I am being harsh by saying this, but it felt like we were walking into an exclusive country club, membership card required and all. Yet, to be honest, I know Lizzy would feel the same way if she walked into the cathedral in Sacramento. If your reading this Liz, I what you to know that I am honored that you allowed us to join you on that day, and that's the honest truth.

Snakes on a Plane kicked ass!

Let see. . .oh yea! I read in the paper today that the dems and the GOP agreed to increase the minimum wage in California finally. Come Jan. 1st 2007 it will increase by $0.75 to $7.50 an hour. But that's not all! Come Jan. 1st 2008 it will increase another $0.50 to $8.00 an hour, which would make us the top paying state in the nation (pending no other state increases their minimum wage). If your wondering the federal minimum wage is $5.15, the current California minimum wage is $6.75, and Washington state pays the highest minimum wage with $8.63 an hour.

I know I'm forgetting something. Oh, my uncle Bill (who just turned 62 on the 20th) found out that he has Pancreatic and Liver cancer, plus that bad headache he had turned out to be a stroke.

And that is my month so far.


toph said...

$7.63 per hour

Mr President said...

woops, thank you topher. That was indeed a slip of the fingers. It is indeed $7.63 an hour.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You got to go into a Mormon Temple. I must admit, I'm kinda jelous. That's something I've wanted to do since my travels to Idaho. They have some beautiful temples. And weren't you the one mocking people who would pay to see a movie that was all about snakes on a plane? What made it "kick ass?"