Monday, August 14, 2006

Picachu, Who Killed The Electric Car?

A quick picture of the two electric car re-charging stations at the Galleria in Roseville.

What a busy week. You know after working 40+ right after getting back from vacation makes you feel like you never left. Like the vacation you took never happened. Yet, this past week was fun. I was finally able to see the documentary Who Killed The Electric Car? which was a great story that raises the question "what happened?" If you think about it, the cars were introduced, and then poof! they disappeared off the face of the planet. Sure, they only had a range of 100 miles per charge and you had to plug it in. But with current electric rates they figured out that charging your car was the same as paying $0.60 for a gallon of gas, and to take a line from the movie "The electric car is not for everyone. It can only service about 90% of the population."

Yet, the highlight of my week was going to The Punchline in Sacramento to see my favorite comedian: Mr. Gabriel Iglesias. Now I would usually rant about how funny he was, but I have a better idea.

Here is his 2003 appearance of Comedy Central Presents. Is about a half an hour, but it is well worth it.


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Slash said...

Hilarious! I've been sharing this video with my friends now... I laugh everytime! That's so cool you got to meet him!