Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let The Lame Duck Presidency Begin!

Oh what a great day to be a Democrat in America! Regardless of your political affiliation, yesterday was proof that democracy is alive and well in the US of A. Unlike many other midterm elections, Americans came out in force to vote. Around the country many faced long lines, glitches in voting software, harassing phone calls, and even a shooting that forced the lock down of a polling place here in Chico. Yet, through all this, we spoke in one unified voice that said "We are tired Mr. Bush." Some may argue that we have been in a lame duck presidency since 2005, which I will agree with; but today, November 8th 2006 is the official beginning of the end of Mr. Bush's administration.

For the first time since the 1992 through 1994 period under President Clinton the Democrats are in the process of gaining majority in both houses. With the House confirmed (congratulations to Nancy Pelosi becoming the first women and Californian speaker of the house) and the Senate one member away (all eyes on Virgina), it looks as if the next two years are going to be a wonderful time for social programs and the mental/physical wellbeing of America and the World.

And as if this day could not get any better, God smiled upon us and gave us one more reason to smile: Donald Rumsfeld has resigned. Now here is a man that weeks ago blamed all the problems with Iraq on the Generals and other leaders fighting the war; never once taking blame for anything that has gone wrong. He needed to resign a long time ago, and I am happy he finally came to his senses and quit. Maybe now Bush will listen when we say we want our friends, our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, to come home.

The G.O.P was put on notice yesterday, they are now forced to listen to what we, the American people, want. Somewhere down the road during the 12 years that they had control they lost sight of what we sent them there for, to better America. Even the country's top Republican (Schwarzenegger) took notice, and subsequently retooled his campaign, became one of the the first in his party to move to the left, support green technology and stem cell research, distance himself away from Bush, and won reelection. The key point is we, the Democrats, no longer need to move to the right.

It is a great time to be a Democrat in America.

It is a great time to be an American.

This country, if not the world, is about to change, and for the better.


Slash said...

I'm not a Democrat anymore (Green now) but I was so incredibly happy to see the change in offices toward a more liberal perspective. When I went to my polling place, I had to wait in line for a while... which has NEVER happened before and I was thrilled to wait! What's more, our poll-worker said it had been like that for the majority of the day. I was talking with the man standing next to me and he said he had never voted Democrat before and typically sided with Republican views... he was inspired/fed up, along with many others, and decided that enough was enough and went blue. Anyway, just know that I share your enthusiasm!!! I'm thrilled that democracy is still in effect, and that citizens are beginning to open their eyes to the nation around them.

Toph said...

Republicans : Contrary to George Bush's ASSHOLE remark he made about Dems being terrorists, we aren't. I'm glad the time has come were you guys can take your feet and shove them down your mouths for all the shit that happened since Bush took office. American has spoken, enough said..... It sure feels good to be an American and be able to say this