Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh What A Find

Now what is so special about these stamps? Let me tell you on how I came to find this item.

It all started with Toph giving me a call right after work. He was looking to smog his car, and asked if I knew of any good places in Chico. Since I can only smog my car at home (It is registered in Loomis where Smog Check II is required [about $60]. Chris registered his car here, in Chico, where Smog Check I is required [about $40]), I asked a coworker if he knew of any good places. He recommended a place called "Smog Busters" up in Paradise.

Now this place is cool. It is a combination garage, deli, coffee shop, and antique store. So while we were waiting for them to finish on Chris's car, I took the opportunity to look around.

That is when I found these. . .

This is a sheet of 20 Marilyn Monroe stamps from 1995, unused, "mint" condition. Price: $10.50

So after some debate, I decided to buy them. When we got home I grabbed the stamp catalog I usually order from to see how much they are going for.

I was shocked.

They are going for $49.95

What a find indeed!

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